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deepen your understanding and knowledge of a specific aspect of one or more modalities offered


Upcoming Workshops


Mobility Training

Date: Every Tuesday from July 30 - August 20

Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Location: The Gym In The Armoury

Have you been stretching with minimal results? 

Do you want to achieve greater range of motion safely?

Do you want to get strong and flexible at the same time?

If yes, MOBILITY TRAINING is for you! 

Join Lisa in a workshop series designed to help you move and function at your best. This progressive series uses scientific principles to improve joint-health and Active Range of Motion. Using a variety of safe training methods from Functional Range Conditioning® developed by world-renowned musculoskeletal expert Dr. Andreo Spina, Lisa Messina (FRCms) will guide you though the foundations of this results-driven practice and teach you how to progress based on how your body responds.

Benefits to look forward to:

  • greater range of motion

  • lasting articular (joint) health

  • the promotion of cellular adaptations in the connective tissues of the body

  • improved strength, resilience, and neurological control

  • improved performance in everyday (athletic and non-athletic) movements 

  • rebuild lost mobility 

  • enhanced capacity for functional movements and desired skills 

  • motivation and sound reasoning that will help you understand why you should move more



All 4 classes

$40 for members at TGITA

$60 for non-members

Limited to 10 participants. 

To Register: email Rob Spagnola


Lisa Messina is a mighty educator and specialist in the field of human education-encompassing skillful physical movement, emotional literacy, and meditation for the mind. I have witnessed her confidently lead students through the wilds of India, the concrete jungles of Toronto, and inevitably right into their own hearts. Lisa’s depth of knowledge is unsurpassed and her willingness to create a meaningful experience for her students is palpable. With her passion, creativity, and boundless sense of adventure she will lead you through the dark and into your own light.
— From Bree Greig, Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer