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deepen knowledge, enhance practice



Progressive Pilates - Teacher Training

Date: Nov 11 -15 & Nov 25 - 29

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm each day
(6 hours a day with a break for lunch)

Location: Mosaic Yoga TO

Become a versatile Pilates teacher who is able to adapt to what is present and relevant moment to moment

Lisa Messina’s mission is to provide all of the tools needed to become a confident leader who is able to safely and effectively execute Pilates sessions in a variety of styles for all levels and abilities. Lisa values safety and inclusivity in the learning environment and encourages questions and critical thinking.




Included: manual & 15 classes at Mosaic
Not Included: additional costs include 5 extra classes at other studios and anatomy textbook

This training program is a safe, progressive, and holistic approach to classical and modern Pilates exercises with a strong emphasis on Core Health and Movement Education including:

  • the history of movement and current research on exercise science

  • modern anatomy

  • various tools and skills for sustainable practice and teaching

  • breathing mechanics and how the breath impacts core-health

  • mobility training (joint-health and why it matters)

  • corrective exercises

  • isolated movements and progressions to whole-body movements

  • alignment and if and when it matters

  • injuries and working within your scope of practice

  • enhancing your observation skills

  • using your voice effectively

  • smart sequencing

Program Overview / Time Commitment

150 hrs Total | 60 Contact hours | 90 Non-Contact hours (to be completed over 6 months time)

In the Classroom: 60 contact hours

  • The History & Evolution of Movement and Pilates

  • Principles and Methodology of Classical Pilates and Modern Day Movement Principals

  • Progressive Core-Health Education

  • Modern/Living Anatomy

  • Biomechanics, Facial Planes, and Cellular Adaptation

  • Movement Education: Skills, Technique, Corrective Exercises, Integration to Whole Body Movements

  • Teaching Mastery

  • Sequencing & Class Design

  • Alignment and Observing Bodies

  • Injuries and Scope of Practice

  • Modifications & Variations using Various Props

Non-Contact Hours: 60 hours (to be completed over 6 months time)

  • Pilates Class Observations at Mosaic - 5 hours

  • Practice Teaching (group + private) - 20 hours

  • Attending Classes at Mosaic - 15 hours

  • Attending classes Elsewhere - 5 hours (additional cost)

  • Review, Homework + Personal Study - 15 hours

  • Self-Practice - 20 hours

Who is this training for?

  • Anyone interested in becoming a Pilates instructor

  • Anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of the Pilates practice, human movement, why movement matters, and how movement works

  • Anyone interested in training to mitigate injury and to promote overall health through optimal/functional movement, enhancing core health, and improving mobility

  • Designed for students, movement facilitators, and therapists


While there are no prerequisites for this training, we highly recommend taking Pilates for at least 4-6 months prior to the beginning of this program.


Lisa Messina is a mighty educator and specialist in the field of human education-encompassing skillful physical movement, emotional literacy, and meditation for the mind. I have witnessed her confidently lead students through the wilds of India, the concrete jungles of Toronto, and inevitably right into their own hearts. Lisa’s depth of knowledge is unsurpassed and her willingness to create a meaningful experience for her students is palpable. With her passion, creativity, and boundless sense of adventure she will lead you through the dark and into your own light.
— From Bree Greig, Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer