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Through will, courage, and movement, we can change the world


My offering is to guide you in discovering your capacity for personal transformation. Through thoughtful, insightful, and effective instruction, I am committed to creating a safe place for deep listening and exploration. It takes courage to engage in the process of healing, which begins with becoming aware of that which is not serving us. It takes will to tend to the process of repair, which allows us to access our full human potential.



My teaching combines subtle work that explores the body in relationship to the psyche, emotions, external relationships and environments, with more dynamic and energetic movement practices including yoga, pilates, barre, dance, functional mobility and conditioning, and other somatic therapies. Each of these modalities can be woven through all of my group movement classes, unless otherwise specified. In private sessions, I will work closely with you to curate an experience tailored to your unique needs, goals, and preferences.



The roots of Barre can be traced to 1959, when Lotte Berk combined her ballet barre training with rehabilitative therapy. Today’s Barre classes combine elements of ballet, pilates, and yoga to create challenging routines choreographed to music.

I designed my own barre routines by merging years of extensive training in dance-conditioning, yoga, and pilates. My routines offer a fun, upbeat, and intense non-impact workout that tones and mobilizes the whole body. Expect a dynamic warm-up, followed by many small repetitive movements designed to challenge all of your muscles at the barre, core-work on the mat, and a relaxing cool-down.

This technique offers a fun way to sculpt and tone muscles through repetition of both small and large movements. Barre classes are a great opportunity to get your sweat on and challenge your mobility to improve co-ordination, strength, and mobility. In addition to the barre, props can include weighted balls, small exercise balls, and exercise bands.



FRC® is a system that uses scientific principals and research to improve your body’s active range of motion—essentially the combination of motion and control—in order to help you move and function at your best.

FRC work begins with an assessment to hone in on specific limitations in your joints’ range of motion. Using a number of safe training methods, we first bring awareness to passive range of motion, or flexibility (the range that can be achieved through external force). We then work on training these into active ranges of motion, improving joint mobility by building strength and increasing control over movement.

I use this system in mainly private sessions and incorporate some of its basic principles and warm-up practices in group classes. This method is especially helpful for injury prevention and rehabilitation; improved performance (athletic and non-athletic), lasting articular health; improving strength, resilience, and neurological control; and promoting cellular adaptations in the connective tissues of the body.



The Pilates Method (created by Joseph Pilates) is a full-body workout that aims to enhance joint mobility and tissue strength in a mindful manner using various props to either modify or provide more stability challenge including the foam roller, exercise balls, weighted balls, sit-fit, rotator discs, fitness circle, and therabands.

My Pilates practice integrates a deep understanding of the Joseph Pilates Method with modern approaches to strength-oriented movement informed by modern research. The exercises I teach are both dynamic and subtle, and are intended to improve posture and overall functionality in every day life. The results are long, lean muscles with increased joint mobility that, over time, can provide increased protection from injury.



Relational Somatic (soma means: the body) Healing begins with an understanding that our body, mind, and spirit are completely interconnected, and that they each play an important role in your overall health and wellbeing. This method explores how various bodily (or somatic) processes and patterns of movement are linked to your emotional experience. I believe that the healing process is most effective when our obstacles are seen, heard, safely held, and processed within a trusted relationship with a healer. The goal of this method is to encourage a more informed approach to being in the world in relation to ourselves, others, and our environment. With this method I seek to inspire interest, curiosity, and awareness in ourselves beyond and not excluding our physicality.

Relational Somatic Healing involves learning about authentic, non-goal oriented communication styles, and using these skills to cultivate more authentic relationships. We also work on processing thoughts and emotions through expressive exercises, sounds, contact, and movement, as well as through psychodrama and role playing. This is combined with a range of grounding, integrating, and mindfulness practices.



Yoga is an eight-fold practice including ethical life style choices, physical exercises, cleansing techniques, breathing practices, restorative postures, re-balancing the nervous system, meditation, sound, philosophy, and deep rest. My yoga practice unites a deep understanding for the ancient traditions of yoga with research in progressive movement modalities and therapy. These sessions inspire awareness of ourselves from deep within through the lens of this ancient and sacred tradition. Through this combination, one can expect to become more attuned to their inner experiences, to enhance co-ordination, to expand breathing capacities, to become more mindful, to gain skills in balancing the nervous system, to improve mobility and strength, to explore deep restful states, to learn more about yoga philosophy, history, and the lineage.