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A Journey of Discovery and Transformation through South India


FEB 10 - FEB 24 2019


Join Lisa Messina on her fifth annual journey through South India to explore the origins of yoga surrounded by the vibrant colours, landscapes, and culture of this ancient and inspiring country. This retreat offers a unique opportunity for personal healing and transformation as you travel through India with an experienced guide in a supportive group setting.


There are three parts to our journey, each designed to help you achieve your goals of physical, mental, and spiritual awakening and transformation. Attune to nature and ground yourself in a jungle oasis where holistic healing is the primary focus. Explore India’s rich culture and history among the ancient temples and ruins of Hampi. Surrender to your truth and and deepen your practice on the beautiful beaches of South Goa.



FEBRUARY 10 - 14



FEBRUARY 14 - 18



FEBRUARY 18 - 24



ATTUNE: February 10 - 14

Khaama Kethna, Agonda Beach, Goa

We will begin our journey by gathering at Khaama Kethna, an extraordinary holistic healing centre nestled in a jungle valley near Agonda Beach in southern Goa. The Khaama Kethna community is deeply committed to sustainability, preservation, and bio-diversity.

We’ll spend three nights here in eco-friendly huts and tree-houses, sharing the space with frolicking monkeys and colourful birds.

In this hidden paradise we will begin our exploration of body, heart, and soul by creating a schedule that compliments each participant’s personal practice and goals for the retreat. In addition to daily practices and workshops hosted by Lisa, you will have the option to draw from the many resources available at Khaama Kethna—art, therapeutic treatments, creative workshops, and healing ceremonies—to create a daily practice that will allow you to attune to nature, open your heart, and set your intentions for the journey to come.



EXPLORE: February 14–18

Hampis Boulders Resort, Hampi

Traveling by Indian rail is a quintessential cultural experience that promises to take you out of your comfort zone while also giving you a chance to see some of India’s most beautiful landscapes. We will travel together by train from Goa to Hampi, a UNESCO heritage site on the banks of River Tungabhadra. We will spend three days here, immersed in the setting of the great Indian poem, the Ramayana. Against an incredible backdrop of palm groves and paddy fields, epic boulders sit perched on one another in precarious and stunning arrangements. Awaiting us in this magical environment are a series of ancient temples and ruins, relics of the last great Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagara dating from the 14th to 16th century. We will explore the history, mythology, and culture of this ancient city with the help of a local guide.

Journey up the winding steps to Sri Hanuman’s temple at the top of Anjaneya Hill, believed to be the deity’s birthplace. Watch the sunrise over Hampi and witness true devotion in the temple’s sacred prayer ceremonies, a rare and extraordinary experience. This segment of our journey offers the opportunity to witness true devotion and ways of life in dedication to spiritual practice. The daily group practice during this segment of our journey is designed by Lisa to complement and deepen each participant’s inner and outer exploration. We will also have a chance to relax and restore at the stunning Hampi’s Boulders Resort and enjoy free time swimming, hiking, and reflecting on the city’s ancient wonders before returning by train to Goa.



SURRENDER: February 18 - 24

Bamboo Yoga Retreat, Patnem Beach, Goa

Upon arriving in Goa’s Bamboo Yoga Retreat, we will take a collective breath and dive deep into our yoga practice. Peacefully secluded at the end of Patnem’s gorgeous white sand beach, Lisa will host six days of workshops and classes, progressing through the chakra systems from root to crown through a combination of therapeutic methods including yoga, meditation, massage-ball therapeutics, pilates, and relational-somatic therapies.

With Lisa’s skilled and creative guidance, we will journey through layers of Being, exploring what is necessary to reveal your essential Self. Surrounded by palm trees and quiet ocean waves, we will deepen our connection to ourselves, to each other and to our surroundings. You will also have ample time to individually explore this beautiful environment, both individually and as a group. Indulge in your choice of activities, from swimming in the ocean and relaxing on the beach, to exploring local Goan culture, to visiting surrounding towns where shopping, food, and adventure are abundant. This week is a true celebration of your best self and an ideal conclusion to our voyage together.




  • Accommodation for 14 nights and local transportation

  • Four nights in a shared tree-house (2–3 ppl) at Khaama Kethna in Agonda Beach, Goa

  • Four nights in a shared cottage room (2 ppl) at Hampi’s Boulders Resort in Hampi

  • Six nights in a shared or private beach hut at Bamboo Yoga Retreat in Patnem Beach, Goa (you may choose to book a private room here at an additional cost; see below)

  • All rail tickets, transportation to and from rail station, and all transportation while touring

  • Nourishing brunch and dinner daily: vegetarian, vegan and sattvic foods are the focus with gluten-free options available.  A large portion of the produce is freshly harvested on site and all of it is lovingly prepared and promises to fully nourish.

  • All programing and practices with: Programming and practices with Lisa include meditation, guided self-reflection, yoga, pilates, and somatic-relational therapy. Enriching workshops will also be available to help deepen your practice and your intended journey. These include chanting, meditation, breath-work, creative writing, yoga therapy, ball rolling, and other therapeutic and somatic-relational practices.

  • Yoga Tune Up Balls for self-massage therapy work

  • Full day tour with guide in Hampi: visit monuments, ruins, and temples plus education on history, Hindu philosophy, and culture

  • Sunset boat trip

Not Included

  • Flights

  • Transports to and from the airport (approx. $30.00 CND each way)

  • Lunch

  • Treatments and healing ceremonies (ranging from $10.00 – $70.00 CND)



$2995.00 CND (HST incl.) Double Accommodation throughout

$3450.00 CND (HST incl.) Single Accommodation at Bamboo Yoga Retreat only


Payment Plan

$565.00 CND (HST incl.) Non-refundable deposit is required to reserve
(paid to Lisa Messina, use button below)

$565.00 CND (HST incl.) Non-refundable deposit is due by October 31st
(paid to Angie Mammoliti)

Remaining Balance is due by December 30th
(paid to Angie Mammoliti)

Retreat Full

Please note, this retreat is limited to 12 participants



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Angie Mammoliti
T 416-366-1961
Transat Travel
56 Church St. Toronto, ON, M5C 3C8
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As my relationship to yoga expanded, I felt a calling to visit India and learn more about the origins of this, my chosen practice. How amazing to discover that incredible yoga teacher and beautiful human, Lisa Messina would be leading a retreat there. Having Lisa as our guide meant feeling completely cared for as we traveled and enjoyed wondrous landscapes - from the jungle, to ancient cities to beautiful beaches, ate delicious food, and had the chance to experience markets, agriculture and revelatory practices. Lisa’s yoga classes allowed us to move deeper into our individual practices and her workshops provided a safe space for us to open, connect and heal. The friendships formed through this retreat are the kind of special magic that lasts a lifetime. Lisa’s India retreat was both a journey inwards and outwards and it was transformative to my life at home and my yoga practice. I can’t imagine a more ideal way to have experienced India for the first time.
— Kiko Jupiter, Yoga Teacher, Sound Healing