In With The New


2019, I welcome you. I bow to you in humble praise. You signify the new and the unknown, endless possibility and a reminder to bask in the mystery and magic of a new year ahead. You ask for clarity, patience, and trust. I am up for the challenge. 

In 2018 I took some pretty big risks. I jumped. As the last few months of the year were winding down, I felt as if I was suspended in mid-air, captured in that transitional space between one project and the next. I was mid-leap and hoping to land. Jumping afforded me perspective and the truth is, that once I was in the air, the landing spots looked a little less reliable than I expected.

There wasn't enough cushion, or the landing grounds were too far away, unsafe, or too blurry to make out. I felt discouraged and disappointed that, despite the energy and efforts I put toward making my dreams come true, things weren't panning out the way that I envisioned.  

And just like that, the holidays were here. Space and time opened up and still, no definitive landing spots, but I felt less disappointed. I actually started to feel relieved. I felt everything slow down and I got comfortable hanging out in mid-air. I realized that in 2018 I threw so many balls up in the air hoping that something would land, but I wasn't entirely sure about what I ultimately wanted to manifest. I needed to be suspended for a little longer before ending up with a few too many items on the list to hold up. 

My love-partner and I spent some time over the last few days of the year recounting our 2018 adventures. I felt an equal amount of overwhelming gratitude for the incredible things we accomplished, the mistakes we made, the lessons we learned, the things left behind, and for the stuff that is still in process. As we prepared to welcome in 2019, a time when most people are eager to set new goals and plant new seeds, we actually worked on pairing down our long list of life-goals in order to focus on a few things that really matter to us. We "pruned" as Marie Forleo would say. Some of the leaves gotta go in order to let a few of them have their moment in the sunshine. In other words, instead of having so many things to do all of the time, prioritize and pare down to having just a few meaningful tasks to sink your heart into...and let the rest go.

This approach has given me the gift of more brain-space to focus on the things that truly make my heart sing and actually helps me to feel more accomplished. If you are up for it, I have some guiding questions to get you started on your way, I call it:

The Prioritize and Pare Down Process 

Reflecting Questions: 

  • What currently matters to you the most?

  • Who are the people that lift and fill you up?

  • Where are the places that feel most like "home"?

  • How many hours a day do you:

-spend thinking about things that truly align with what matters to you the most?
-spend with people that truly align with what matters to you the most?
-spend in places that truly align with what matters to you the most?

  • What are the things that youoften think about that you can let go of?

  • Who are the people that you know you need to let go of?

  • Where are the places that you frequent that you can let go of?

I hope this brings you closer to answering your hearts call.

Lisa Messina

Lisa Messina